Cash Mount is a cost-effective web based business tool that automates and simplifies the management of debt collections and accounts receivables. Cash Mount provides the efficiency, insights, workflow and transparency required for collection operations enabling 360-degree view of collectibles. It integrates with ERP system eliminating any major data entry.


Accounts Receivables (AR) is one of the most critical processes for any business as it is likely to be the largest or second largest asset in most of the organizations. Improper accounts receivables management could lead to unhealthy cash inflows. There are several challenges that businesses encounter during their AR process cycle and it is not easy managing AR.

Majority of accounting and ERP solutions provide account receivable information only up to the aging and statement level with the option of analysis of outstanding and provision of cash flow statement based on the anticipated due date. Thus, even though a majority of companies use their ERP or accounting system for AR management; they still require a significant amount of manual labor and time to manage the invoice collection process. Due to these manual processes, the collectors need to spend a huge amount of time looking for customer information, updating spreadsheets, and other non-value adding activities when they should be focusing on engaging with the customers with accurate data for expediting the collections.

The reason for the inefficiency is because most businesses do not have a formalized credit and collections process integrated software system to support the collections operations. As such, they are working with outdated spreadsheets, disparate systems for ageing and accounts receivables follow ups, or they enter information manually into a CRM system to keep track of what they’ve done or what they need to do. Inaccurate, outdated, and hard to access information is not effective to helping you get paid on time.

Cash MOUNT is a cost-effective business tool designed by expertise receivable professionals for meeting the credit control and accounts receivable objectives of organizations. With a comprehensive set of analytical tools and automated features, it provides the insights, processes and transparency required to efficiently undertake and streamline accounts receivable collections operations. It works as an extension of your accounting, ERP solutions managing the AR process and enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the collecting staff there by protecting and maximizing your company’s investment in accounts receivable.


• Provides quick synopsis of collection status, cash flow projections and collection analytics by collection agent.
• Rules-based Collections strategy automatically prioritizes and assigns collections activities to receivable accountants based on predefined business rules.
• Integrated Collections work-space tracks promises-to-pay and tasks and reminders for every account and collection effort.
• Customer Health Card identifies ‘at-risk’ customers who might be current on their account and integrates the risk level into prioritization.
• Automated correspondence with customers generates and sends out correspondence.
• Easy integration with ERP & Accounting systems. Provision to integrate with IP Telephony (on demand).
• Automates managing of receivables and enables users to proactively manage collection tasks, saving time and providing efficiency to undertake these tasks.
• Cash mount is all in one solution for debtor management. Automate manual tasks such as sending emails.
• Schedule phone calls for staff, manage disputes, track conversations and payment promises.
• Escalate to insurance and debt collectors with a click of a button.


• Improve DSO
• Drive Profitability by optimizing Working Capital and Cash Flow
• Support business initiatives
• Reduce business risk
• Decrease Bad debt reserves
• Enhance customer relationships



• Workflow automation tools
• Workload prioritization
• Executive dashboard
• Business metrics analytics
• Credit, collection and deduction management
• Dunning letters, automatic and ad-hoc email tool
• Fully customizable + configurable
• Cost effective
• Measurable results

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