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Converged Core Solution

Session Border Controller

Enhanced VoLTE

WebRTC Gateway

Diameter Session Router


Session Border Controllers

In the converged world, Session Border Controllers play a major role in securing Enterprises and Carrier Voice networks from threats and Attacks, which grow day by day.

We have a wide range of SBCs, which can handle few sessions for an SME to thousands of sessions to suffice a Service Provider.

Enhanced VoLTE

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) empowers 4G LTE MNOs to offer rich voice, video and messaging services. Transformation of circuit-switched networks that carry voice to all-IP 4G LTE networks will realize cost advantages and recover inefficient spectrum for additional data capacity.

Enhanced VoLTE solution reduces the cost and enhance the efficiency by enhancing the media routing at the EPC level, rather than taking it to the core as in a traditional VoLTE.

WebRTC Gateway

WebRTC is a paradigm shift in the world of Web, where voice, video & data communications capabilities will be included natively in the Web browsers. WebRTC allows quick and easy development of any communication application using the simple APIs.

WebRTC Gateway provides an efficient way to introduce an API to the web development community to enhance the use of VoLTE and RCS service to interwork with different social and new generation application paving a path to the new enhanced Value added service ideas.

Diameter Session Router

Mobile data traffic is booming which is due to the explosion in powerful, low cost IP-ready devices like smart phones, e-readers, PCs with dongles, and tablets. This explosion in smart devices is creating a concurrent wave of Diameter Signaling growth.

DSR will enable MNO to ease the impacts of this Diameter ”Signaling Tsunami” and create a Diameter Signaling Network that is capable of absorbing the wave of growth and functionality that is coming.

Our DSR solution enables operators to grow their network according to demand, tracking investment with realizable revenue. DSR addresses the manageability requirements for the Diameter signaling network, enabling incremental centralization of control for routing, secure interworking with other networks for roaming, and management of signaling traffic load for critical resources such as policy servers, home subscriber servers, and online charging.


Faster time to market, reduced testing, simplified management, offloading of inter-carrier agreement complexities, simplification of settlements, and lower roaming costs all help drive the perceived value of IPX Providers. In the highly specialized area of LTE roaming, IPX Provider specialists absorb complexity and reduce the cost for the Mobile Network Operators.

Our end2end IPX HUB solution provides routing & interworking capability that exceeds the basic functionality specified in the roaming standards, and addresses the challenges of operation in support of both Mobile Network Operators and IPX Providers.