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Digital Multimedia

Digital Entertainment – Multimedia & Video

We aim to connect people with their world, wherever they live and work. Our sophisticated digital solutions are specially tailored for consumers and businesses. By creating innovation in the communication and entertainment industry, Emircom makes your business run smoother, faster and open the doors for successful Customer Relationship.

  • Content Delivery Network
  • Over The Top (OTT)
  • IPTV
  • Mobile TV
  • CMS

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN is designed to meet today’s need for distributing massive amounts of data to millions of end-users. It enhance the distribution approaches by delivering the contents closer to the end user and by overcoming issues such as network bandwidth availability, distance or latency obstacles, origin server scalability, and congestion issues during peak usage periods. Enterprises can benefit from the CDN solutions to accelerate their deployment of advanced e-business applications such as e-learning and live streaming. With its building-block approach our CDNs can deliver a comprehensive end-to-end solution or individual components optimize and manage the capabilities of the existing network cache and server infrastructures on global and local levels. Enterprise customers can quickly gain access to the accelerating CDN market opportunity, without having to integrate disparate emerging technologies or products themselves.


The introduction of new devices such as tablets and connected TVs along with the increased number of broadband internet subscribers, present excellent opportunities for enterprises to capitalize on emerging trends in consumer behaviour by offering new services. Innovative and high quality offerings like advanced television and on-demand video services over-the-top (OTT) will generate new revenues and increase customer loyalty.

As the Internet is an unmanaged network by definition, frequent fluctuations in bandwidth can cause latency and video jitter, compromising the viewing experience, especially for live programs. With the goal of providing a high QoE (Quality of Experience), our solution includes advanced OTT service monitoring tools. It also includes support for adaptive bitrate streaming to ensure that the quality of the video content matches bandwidth availability.


As high-speed access networks proliferate, opportunities abound for telecommunications providers to offer subscribers a broad range of new revenue-generating services. The seamless delivery of high-quality video is one of the most promising avenues for value-added services. IPTV is a standards-based video-over-IP platform that enables service providers to deploy a high-quality video delivery service that enables subscribers to watch live broadcasts or on-demand video content anywhere, anytime and on any device. This solution helps your organization to create a dynamic customer experience, deliver interactive media experiences and reduce costs.

Mobile TV

With the significant evolving of linear TV to personalized & Interactive TV, Mobile Video presents numerous challenges and opportunities; our solutions are designed to address both areas. Our solutions leverage existing infrastructure and network design to add intelligent new capabilities. This helps operators to optimize video delivery, monetize video services using new business models & intelligent features and build subscriber loyalty with unbeatable video experiences.


Enterprise content management refers to the management of both structured data and un-structured information across the enterprise. While structured data is stored and defined in a systematic manner, unstructured data comprising of word documents, presentations, and video etc. can reside on different platforms, databases and applications; and hence is difficult to retrieve, share and manage. Our solid enterprise content management solution can tie both structured and unstructured information together and provide the ability to document it, publish it, secure it and collaborate around it. It also ensures information is managed throughout its lifecycle; from creation and delivery of content in varying formats and across multiple channels, to its eventual archiving or decommission.