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Internet of Things

Emircom, a leading systems integrator. The hot term “Internet of Things” (also commonly referred to as “IoT”) is often used interchangeably with terms such as “Internet of Everything (IoE)," “Web of Things," “Embedded Web," “Machine to Machine (M2M)", “Internet of Everything (IoE)," and “Industry 4.0." The company has been aggressively building up its IoT expertise over the past few years.

1.Internet of Things Applications

The greatest future growth will be within Internet of Things devices in home automation, smart energy, elderly care at home, transportation, asset tracking and similar applications. Via Internet of Things in these applications, one can get more efficient and customized medications, remote monitoring, energy consumption tracking, remote control, traffic supervision, security surveillance, and much more.

Looking to the future, Cisco IBSG predicts there will be 25 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2015 and 50 billion by 2020. It is important to note that these estimates do not take into account rapid advances in Internet or device technology; the numbers presented are based on what is known to be true today.

1.1 Emircom & Cisco Partnership

  • Advanced IoT – Manufacturing Specialization
  • Advanced IoT – Connected Safety and Security Specialization

1.2 Feedback

  • For Live IOT Demo, Suggestions, Feedback, please E-mail us

2. Emircom Internet OF Things, Engagements

2.1 Centralised Live IOT Parameters (Temp./Humidity/Light) Monitor

  • Centralised Live IOT Parameters Monitor for Data Centre (Emircom Abu Dhabi/Dubai, Emircom RIYADH, Emircom Mina Store):
  • Emircom IOT High LEVEL FLOW
  • Live Dashboard, Live analysis Temperature, Humidity, Light intensity(ON/OFF)
  • IOT Analytics, Time Series Analysis
  • Threshold Alert
  • IOT CMS (Device Management)
  • Device Status (Active/ Inactive)
  • Role of Administration (IOT PORTAL)

2.3 Big data Analytics, IOT

IOT Time Series Data

2.4 Emircom IOT Development STACK

  • Three Tier Architecture
  • Technology Stack
  • Middle Ware(Gateway) : Java Processing Engine: Rest Services, J2ee Services,Eclipse(java)
  • WEB END/CLOUD INTEGRATION: Easyeclipse (PHP),WEB UI: PHP.J2EE /CLOUD Integration (thingworx, bluemix ibm)
  • BIGData (Backend /Database ): MongoDB, MySQL, robomongo
  • Edge Device Programming: sketch
  • Application Support Software : JRE/JDK , Ecilipse, Apache software and XAMPP
  • Protocol: http/https, Serial, SMTP