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Mobile VAS - Technology Vertical

With a VAS domain experience of over a decade, we offer comprehensive portfolio of Value Added Services product line that provides operators with all the tools and solutions they need to fully maximize earning potential with minimum GTM time.

Emircom has teamed up with a range of leading application providers to deliver the product line, which includes the following suite of solutions.

  • Messaging Services
  • Roaming Services
  • Voice Services
  • Mobile Ads
  • IN Based Services
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Vas Consolidation

Our Solutions can also “add to” or “replace” existing messaging systems by allowing operators to utilize their existing investment and grow or migrate the subscribers with no impact and transparent to the end users.

The offered solutions enhance revenues from P2P and A2P messaging with a modular & scalable next generation IP based architecture, which is designed for flexible deployment options, and CAPEX and OPEX savings.

Our messaging portfolio includes

  • SMSC
  • SMS AntiSpam
  • Interactive USSD Services
  • Messaging GW
  • Visual Voice Mail
  • RCS/RCSe
  • Instant Voice Mail
  • MCN

Roaming Services

In the current era international roaming is corralling a major share, offering maximized revenue opportunities for MNOs. To fully capitalize on this potential, operators are seeking viable ways to manage roamers in or out of their network on a real time basis while providing them with a home like experience. With our Roaming VAS operators can gain highly lucrative roaming revenues from outbound or inbound roamers. The solution includes:

  • Roaming Traffic Management
  • Welcome Roaming & Messaging
  • Cross Border Multiline
  • Local Roaming Number
  • Visitor Data Service

Voice Services

In growing telecom market there is a huge competition from Mobile Service providers as well as with the number of Over The Top (OTT) Services. To overcome this, we help the MNOs to offer more than the legacy services, to get the subscriber back to the SP and increase the revenue. Our innovative voice services Offering includes:

  • Ad Sponsored Calls
  • Expression RBT
  • Mobile Radio
  • Voice Portal
  • Voice Call Completion
  • Music Streaming

Mobile Advertisement

Our Mobile Advertising solutions are more efficient by targeting the right customer, at the right location & at the right time that provides the mobile marketing a new dimension & boost. Dramatic Smartphones penetration into the market provides millions of opportunity to reach the subscribers and adapt to the fast changing consumer media habits. Thanks to the data and location technologies, advertisement market has more criteria to work with and utilize the channels effectively to pin point and target their customer base compared to the traditional way of SMS and advertisement over outbound calls. Following are the Advertising Platforms:

  • Smart Advertisement Suites
  • Location Based Advertisement
  • Application Advertisements

IN Based Services

We offer an unparalleled suite of IN VAS Solutions, our smart services provide very complex IN solutions by simple means with effective utilization of application and network resources. IN Solutions has been the go to man for the operators to detect, enhance and analyze subscribers behaviour and provide various smart, intelligent and complex services to the subscribers. The portfolio encompasses:

  • Pay4Me, HomeZone
  • Dynamic Discount Manager, Mobile Voice/Data Controls
  • Multi SIM, IN Mediation
  • mVPN / mPBX, Ad Sponsor Call
  • Parental & Privacy Control, Call Screening

Mobile Commerce

We have wide solutions especially for mobile financial operators. We have advanced in technology and innovation in order to create a secure mobile finance environment for Mobile subscribers and financial institutions. Our solution security capability is at the heart of a wide range of services which include:

  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Mobile Money
  • Mobile NFC Payments
  • Mobile POS

Mobile Device Management

Our MDM solutions answer all mobile operator requirements when it comes to manage their fleet of handsets, from featured phones to smartphones and tablets. It addresses both branded and non-branded devices, regardless of their compliance with OMA-DM.Enabling and optimizing the user services from the handsets by properly configuring the handset, increases the operator’s ARPU. Personal cloud is the fairly new idea of having storage on the cloud which would help in the easy access of data, security and saving mobile memory. With our offerings, Service providers can provide a secure way of access to the subscribers through cloud and also backup data where security and confidentiality is a concern for Over the top cloud solutions. Our MDM solutions includes:

  • Mobile Data Backup (Archive, Secure, Locate, Restore)
  • Cloud Address Book
  • Cloud Calendar
  • Mobile Device Management (OTA)

VAS Consolidation

We offer a single platform to enable and manage all the different VAS services in messaging & Voice portfolio in one platform:

  • Messaging
  • Voice & Media Services
  • Ad Sponsor Call
  • Mobile Advertising

VAS Consolidated Platform aggregates all the different services in one fully optimized configuration with a single point of integration into the mobile operator’s network and into the core network functions of operations and maintenance, customer care and billing, reporting and management.