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We aim to connect people with their world, wherever they live and work. Our sophisticated digital solutions are specially tailored for consumers and businesses. By creating innovation in the communication and entertainment industry, Emircom makes your business run smoother, faster and open the doors for successful Customer Relationship.

  • NearField Communication (NFC)
  • Mobile Application Development

Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC applications are limited only by the imagination and individual creativity. NFC makes the experience of mobile internet and other mobile services fast and convenient, and opens up a host of new opportunities. It is to be noted that NFC technology is not only about making Mobile Payments. It can be programmed to perform all sorts of actions. Mobile NFC is making the ‘internet of things’ IoT a reality, bringing the world of NFC to new audiences, including retailers, advertisers, marketing agencies and potentially every consumer using a mobile NFC phone.

NFC is a short-range wireless technology that uses inductive circuits to exchange data between two NFC capable devices. NFC is a special form of the known RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) with the difference that NFC has a working range of maximum 10 centimeters and can be set up for one- or two-way communication.

NFC Retail is a comprehensive platform focusing to improve consumers’ and merchants’ experience in the physical stores by implement services which are informative, convenient, and fun to use. The solution encompasses activities such as merchandizing, loyalty programs, coupon operation and payment. The platform gives a complete implementation of the mobile supported retail environment where customers are assisted with their NFC mobile shopping application from the minute of entering the store all through the payment transaction. It is a win-win situation; even merchants get to have better information about customers shopping habits, which helps them to create a more pleasant shopping experience.

The NFC Patrol is a comprehensive integrated system for security operations. It provides a security company with the capability to monitor the position of their guards and the status of visited security check points, thus optimizing the control and management of its personnel. Traditional technologies used for managing security operation were expensive, involved bulky hardware and complex operational procedures. As opposed to these outdated technologies, by using NFC technology, you can streamline guard tours with real-time transmission of location and time data, as well as keeping hardware costs low to help increase your bottom line.

NFC Access is a solution that redefines the Access Control Systems for use in apartment houses, offices, as well as everywhere else, where it is necessary to easily and quickly prevents the entry of unauthorised persons and manages entry authorizations in a comfortable manner. Our system also offers easy programming using modern NFC technologies that facilitate the fundamental daily routines to improve access to services and increase the level of security according to customer’s needs.

NFC Event Manager is an innovative solution with its unique visitor management approach. By using NFC technology visitors can be registered by a simple touch to their badge. We help you simplify event processes and engage better with attendees via our end-to-end event management solution using NFC technology, which includes registration, guest check-in via NFC, event web or mobile app, surveys, collection of data. In return, we provide event organizers or exhibitors with detailed analytics & statistics about engagement behaviour and patterns of event attendees to better measure the ROI for their events.

NFC Order platform is a new, versatile, NFC based solution that is designed to streamline the dining (and diner’s) experience. Our solution presents a world comprised of sensors and touchpoints throughout a restaurant, connecting customers and their NFC-enabled devices. Envision a day where you could simply drive through and pick up your food with no hassle. The restaurant sends the menu via a mobile device courtesy of an NFC touchpoint. The order can be customized, submitted and a mobile payment made with just a mere tap. Resturant operators will also enjoy the benefits of reduced wait times for patrons, easier transactions, enhanced customer satisfaction resulting in better sales and more profits.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile gadgets have reached to everyone around the globe and these are playing a vital role in today’s business marketing as well. Having mobile applications for different mobile platforms is very much important nowadays in order to maximize the reach and the business respectively. As one of the leading companies, Emircom delivers ready-to-run, feature-rich customer apps designed to help your business achieve its strategic imperatives. Customer apps drive quick adoption and enable you to engage customers with personalized experiences across any channel, including phones, tablets, and desktops. Our Solution includes multiple platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows. Irrespestive of the platform, we provide expertise and experience to develop solutions that are a class apart. We create:

Smoothly reach your business targets with Telelogix. Our expert iOS developers with their expertise in iPhone application development have helped numerous clients to bring their ideas to life. We offer multliple services from mere prototypes to complete application development.

Telelogix puts high priority on working closely with clients to build user experience that delights the user. Our iPad App development team has done it all in the past and is ready to do it again because our process is hassle-free, seamless and our quality work brings dream applications to life.

Telelogix offers variety of options for your Android based handsets. Using their techical prowess, our mobile app developers and programmers are well conversant with Android Software Development Kit (SDK), OpenGL, 3D graphics, Android Media APIs; Location- based Service APIs, Wi-Fi APIs. And, also Android Security Architecture and other technologies required tobuild best in class Android apps.

Make the most of your Blackberry devices with smart mobile phone application development. Our skilled mobile app builder, mobile application developers utilize the features of this unique smartphone to provide path-breaking apps.Make the most of your Blackberry devices with smart mobile phone application development. Our skilled mobile app builder, mobile application developers utilize the features of this unique smartphone to provide path-breaking apps.

Planning to have a Windows application developed? Get the perfect Windows mobile application tailor made just for you with good mobile app design. Irrespective of the handset, we deliver robust and scalable windows mobile appliction software to help extend your business far and wide.