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Ghassan Khoury

General Manager - Abu Dhabi

Ghassan Khoury joined Emircom in May 2006 and is responsible for the Branch Manager – Abu Dhabi. Ghassan joined Emircom as Sales Manager and in a short span moved to head the branch operations. He continues to drive the sales operations with the passion and intensity of a gladiator. Ghassan comes with a good amount of visioning skills and this has helped Emircom in its risk management and strategic planning initiatives. An able administrator, a conscientious manager, he carries the team with him and takes pride in grooming and mentoring his team members. This has helped create a layer of managerial talent for Emircom.

Ghassan holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Communication from the Saint Joseph University/Engineering School – Lebanon. He also carries a host of additional professional certifications. He is a CDCP (Certified Data Center Professional), Cisco Sales Expert and 3 Com Certified Solutions Expert.