Pioneering Customer Success: Aligning Journeys with Your Vision and Objectives

A solution’s effectiveness is measured by the degree to which the targeted users can adopt and understand it.

Recognizing this as a key aspect of any service deployment, from comprehensive complex secure networks to the latest in collaboration technologies, you can leverage the expertise of Emircom’s committed team. We are here to ensure your business maximizes the benefits of any implemented solution. With services ranging from onboarding to training to change management, our goal is to ensure that your business fully benefits from these solutions, guaranteeing their effective and enduring success.

Our Customer Success Offering

Client Success

We supports you at every stage - from selecting solutions, to utilizing them, maximizing their value, and renewing them - helping to pinpoint the services that will be most impactful for your business and empower you to accomplish your objectives.


We know change can be difficult, even when it leads to better outcomes. That's why we provide guidance at every step when implementing new solutions, smoothing the transition for your employees. Our adoption management strategies increase buy-in across your organization, setting innovations up for rapid success.


Adoption is pivotal to the success and acceptance of a solution. The CS team ensures that its done effectively so that users actiovely utilize the product's value for maximal ROI.

Business Transformation

Even beneficial business transformations entail challenges. By thoughtfully managing your solution rollouts, we help boosts employee acceptance, ensuring successful adoption of innovations.

Your Key Benefits

Desired Outcomes Delivered

We establish this at the start of the customer journey, looking at your priorities and taking responsibility for monitoring, driving and achieving these through regular business reviews.

Improved Customer Experience

We proactively monitor the customer journey and provide you with a single point of contact for the purpose of the solution.

Tailored Service

We gather feedback from you so we can provide you with a bespoke service, tailored to your requirements and priorities.

Customer Lifetime Value

Our CSMs don’t simply support the solution, they are part of the solution and play a vital role in ensuring its success.

Seven Steps to Customer Success

  • Onboarding We get you oriented with your product's functionality, setup and process to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Education We provide training resources and support to you facilitate adoption. Helping build competency.
  • Engagement Having a thoughtful engagement approach, checking in with you at every step to foster product stickiness. Addressing concerns.
  • Adoption Working closely with you to drive adoption of your product's full capabilities for intended outcomes.
  • Expansion Monitoring and assessing your needs as trusted advisor.
  • Renewal Proactively managing renewals through value communication and business reviews.
  • Advocacy Turn happy customers into references and advocates.

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